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About Arturo Desimone

Arturo Desimone is a writer and visual artist living between Argentina and the Netherlands. His poems and short stories have appeared in literary journals such as the New Orleans Review, Jewrotica, Acentos Review, and in Sukoon, the magazine of Arab-themed literature in English published from Dubai. 

Arturo Desimone es un escritor y artista visual que vive entre la Argentina y los Países Bajos. Sus poemas y cuentos han aparecido en revistas literarias como la New Orleans Jewrotica, Acentos Review, y en Sakoon, la revista de la literatura de temática árabe en inglés, publicada desde Dubai.

Articles by Arturo Desimone

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NSS, editor

Niki Seth-Smith is a freelance journalist and contributing editor to 50.50.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

La insurrección de Hanan Harawi

“Esta vida tiene todas las posibilidades, pero a veces sólo seguimos un camino vivido millones de veces con un discurso repetido durante eones. Ese es el problema.” Entrevista. English

Hanan Harawi’s insurrection

Independent publishing, poetry, the vivacious - perhaps cyclical - return of indigenous literature, and the current situation of Peruvian politics in relation to culture and literature. Interview. Español

Como en 1977: ¿Argentina en el túnel del tiempo?

Revisionismo histórico, censura y guerra contra la memoria. El lenguaje y las políticas – aunque no los medios - en la Argentina de Macri recuerdan los días oscuros de la dictadura. English

As in 1977: Argentina in a time warp?

Historical revisionism, censorship and war on memory. The language and the policies – though not the means - in Macri’s Argentina are eerily reminiscent of the dark days of Videla’s dictatorship. Español

Who gets to be an artist? An interview with cultural theorist Hans Abbing

Just why are artists so poor? Hans Abbing explains. 

Guerra contra la memoria en Argentina

Coincidiendo con la llegada de Obama a Buenos Aires, una operación de des-ideologización y desmemoria está en marcha en Argentina. English

The war on memory begins in Argentina

Coinciding with Obama's arrival in Buenos Aires, an operation of de-ideologization and forgetfulness is under way in Argentina. Español

Critique of the boycott divestment sanctions movement, from a Jewish supporter of the Palestinian cause

The moral degeneration of Israel must not have as its indirect consequence the moral degeneration of the Palestinian solidarity movements, for in a desperate struggle there is such a danger as all sides losing at once. Here are arguments supporting sanctions against Israel, and opposing a cultural boycott.

Radical thinking in the Caucasus: an interview with a member of the resistance movement in Azerbaijan

Talking with an opposition educator about the Enlightenment, resistance and populism in Baku.

The widow fears a coup

Did Kirchnerismo and the Argentinian opposition both betray their social ideals? An analysis of Latin American left populism (as well as the opposition movements) from a left wing perspective.

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