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About Arturo Desimone

Arturo Desimone is a writer and visual artist living between Argentina and the Netherlands. His poems and short stories have appeared in literary journals such as the New Orleans Review, Jewrotica, Acentos Review, and in Sukoon, the magazine of Arab-themed literature in English published from Dubai. 

Articles by Arturo Desimone

This week's editor


Our guest editor, Valsamis Mitsilegas, director of the Criminal Justice Centre at Queen Mary University of London, introduces this week’s theme: Privacy and Surveillance in 2016.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Critique of the boycott divestment sanctions movement, from a Jewish supporter of the Palestinian cause

The moral degeneration of Israel must not have as its indirect consequence the moral degeneration of the Palestinian solidarity movements, for in a desperate struggle there is such a danger as all sides losing at once. Here are arguments supporting sanctions against Israel, and opposing a cultural boycott.

Radical thinking in the Caucasus: an interview with a member of the resistance movement in Azerbaijan

Talking with an opposition educator about the Enlightenment, resistance and populism in Baku.

The widow fears a coup

Did Kirchnerismo and the Argentinian opposition both betray their social ideals? An analysis of Latin American left populism (as well as the opposition movements) from a left wing perspective.

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