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About Arzu Geybulla

Arzu Geybulla is a freelance writer originally from Azerbaijan currently based in Istanbul. She reports on human rights violations in Azerbaijan.

Articles by Arzu Geybulla

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Azerbaijan’s blocking of websites is a sign of further restrictions online

This month has seen yet another series of attacks on internet freedom.

Could a hashtag challenge the Aliyev regime?

Azerbaijan's political migrants are behind a new public campaign to draw attention to authoritarian rule at home. Judging by the reaction, it has the regime rattled. 

Azerbaijan’s authoritarianism goes digital

2018 is an election year in Azerbaijan. The authorities may have the streets on lockdown, but the fight against dissent in cyberspace is just beginning.

Revenge by red notice: how Azerbaijan targets its critics abroad

The Azerbaijani authorities are using international criminal warrants to pursue their critics abroad. It looks like they’re getting away with it.

Stopping the spin from Azerbaijan’s very special laundromat

osce_budapest_portrait-37.jpgWe all know about Baku’s international efforts to whitewash criticism of human rights abuses. What makes these latest revelations so different?

How Azerbaijan is losing its brains

Educated young people in Azerbaijan see few prospects for work at home  and even fewer if they’re critically-minded. Русский

In the crosshairs of Azerbaijan’s patriotic trolls

Azerbaijan has taken its crackdown against dissent to the internet. Opposition publications and journalists are routinely harassed – by both paid trolls and true believers. Azərbaycanca

Meet N!DA, the exclamation mark that terrified the Azerbaijani authorities

Azerbaijan’s youth activists are facing brutal repression from the state. But despite the risks, young people are still willing to get involved.

Azerbaijan’s 2016: sink or swim?

Protests have broken out in Azerbaijan against rising prices and falling living standards. Will the regime respond with anything but brute force?

Searching for the ‘Armenian Lobby’

Conspiracies keep the people pliant and rulers fearless. In Azerbaijan, all dissidents are considered to be agents of a shadowy ‘Armenian lobby’. Русский

Azerbaijan: ruling in bad faith


The Aliyev regime is attempting to co-opt and repress Muslim communities to strengthen its hold on power. It is playing a dangerous game. Русский


Azerbaijan's failed rebranding


No matter how much time and money Azerbaijan’s government spends making ‘friends’ in the west, the country is still characterised by a poor record on human rights.

From emancipation to restraint: violence and gender inequality in Azerbaijan

Passing laws against gender-motivated violence and gender inequality is not the same as putting them into practice.


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