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About Asha L. Abeyasekera

Asha L. Abeyasekera is a lecturer at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, where she teaches on the MA in Gender and Women’s Studies and the MA in Counselling and Psychosocial Support. Her research interests include kinship, marriage, and family; personhood and experiences of subjectivity; and understanding how people negotiate between individual and collective wellbeing. 


Articles by Asha L. Abeyasekera

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Adam Ramsay, Editor

Adam Ramsay is a co-editor of openDemocracyUK.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Singleness and the world of 'not belonging'

The repertoires about single women are unequivocal: without a husband and children, single women signify ‘lack’ - they are incomplete and therefore do not belong. 'Gender' and 'space' are both embodied experiences.

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