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About Asiya Islam

Asiya Islam is a Gates Cambridge Scholar at the University of Cambridge where she is doing a PhD in Sociology. Her research explores the formations of class and gender in urban India. Follow her on twitter @asiyaislam.

Articles by Asiya Islam

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The myth of the Indian ‘New Middle Class’

Families in Modi’s India are caught in a spiral of working class conditions in jobs pretending to be middle class, with their requirement for degrees and skills training.

Táhirih unveiled: poet, theologian and revolutionary

Táhirih – an important figure in Persian history – helps us imagine a more diverse feminism and a more progressive Middle East. Her legacy is not limited to Bahá’ís but belongs to all of us.

Where do women belong in Indian cities?

While men can be seen hanging around, women are expected to have a purpose for being outdoors. This question must be addressed.

Racism vs racial prejudice: on the normalisation of (un)conscious bias

There is a danger with the latest figures on racial prejudice in Britain that we understate the scope and nature of prejudice.

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