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Bérengère Sim is a freelance journalist based in Mexico City. @berengeresim

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Amenazas en Twitter, abusos, asesinato: a esto se exponen las mujeres cuando defienden el medio ambiente

No hay lugar más mortífero que América Latina para los defensores del territorio y del medioambiente. Pero los asesinatos a menudo llegan tras numerosas amenazas, incluso las publicadas en internet. English

Twitter threats, abuse, murder: what women face defending the environment

Latin America is the deadliest region for environmental and land defenders. But murders often follow numerous threats, including online. Español

How one woman is mapping femicides in Mexico

From her home and cafés in Mexico City, María Salguero is filling in the gaps left by official data on gender-related killings.

Meet the women poets preserving indigenous languages in Mexico

“When you lose a language, you lose a whole culture," says Ana Chino Miguel, one of the women working to prevent this through storytelling and poetry.

Buscando al "yo real": luchar contra el machismo en Ciudad de México

Ante el problema del machismo, extendidísimo en México, una entidad de Ciudad de México organiza clases de grupo semanales para luchar contra las “masculinidades negativas”. English

Finding ‘Yo Real’: fighting machismo in Mexico City

Machismo is widespread in Mexico. One organisation takes aim at ‘negative masculinities’ with weekly group classes. Español

La Ciudad de México, una isla en un mar de estados antiaborto

Activistas antiaborto, cada vez más activos en la capital de México, señalan e "inducen miedo" a las mujeres que acceden a unos servicios que se despenalizaron hace ya diez años. English

Mexico City is an island in a sea of anti-abortion states – and the right to choose is threatened here too

Anti-choice activists are increasingly active in Mexico’s capital city, strategically targeting and “inciting fear” in women accessing services that were decriminalised a decade ago. Español, RU

2017 in feminist protests: in pictures

Women around the world led protests in 2017 for our rights and against threats from everyday sexism to femicide.

Students hit the road to fight street harassment in Kuala Lumpur – in pictures

On a global day of action for sexual and bodily rights in Muslim societies, Malaysian students stood against harassment in public spaces.

A long-forgotten wall: the struggle of the Sahrawi people

Lost Land exposes the painful reality of the Sahrawi people, whose homeland is occupied by Morocco, while they crave independence. At the Open City Documentary Festival on 7th September 2017.

#OpérationRobe: confronting everyday sexism in France

In 2012, then-minister Cécile Duflot was cat-called in parliament. Last week, the dress she wore made a comeback in a new campaign.

“You can’t fight fascism every five years with a piece of paper”

Abstention in the recent French presidential elections was at its highest since 1969. Macron cannot afford to ignore those who abstained, as much as he cannot ignore those who voted for Le Pen.

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