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About Benedetta Berti

Benedetta Berti is a fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies in Israel, a lecturer at Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion University and author of the forthcoming book, Armed Political Organizations: from Conflict to Integration” (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013).

Articles by Benedetta Berti

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

A grand bargain is needed, between Israel, Hamas and Egypt

When it comes to Gaza, an approach centered on isolation and deterrence has not led to a real stability, resulting in repeated rounds of violent confrontation between the two parties

Taking the next step: Security Sector Reform in Libya

Can the experience of the western Balkans help Libya in its transition? Some best practice could be adapted to the local context.

Limited military intervention in Syria: how to rescue the Responsibility to Protect doctrine from permanent demise

As the violence within Syria continues, causing massive civilian suffering and  threatening stability in the region, the international community must  get involved. A 'R2P intervention' presents a reasonable chance of success, while also promising to rescue the R2P norm from its current state of decline.

Meet the ‘new’ Hamas: strategic shift or temporary deviation from a violent path?

Contrary to the widespread assumption that the recent ‘nonviolent turn’ would be a new and unprecedented development in the evolution of Hamas, the history of the group reveals a constant internal tension along this political-military line

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