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Benedict Cooper is a freelance journalist based in the UK, covering travel, politics, social affairs and more. His writing has appeared in the New Statesman, Huffington Post and elsewhere.

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

With winter fast approaching the refugee crisis could become a medical disaster

As temperatures drop in eastern Europe, western attitudes to refugees cool. The Paris attacks have hardened many hearts, yet still the migrants arrive, at medical camps and aid agencies.

The attack on Kunduz Trauma Centre

MSF is appealing to the world for help. A petition to urge President Obama to consent to a full investigation has been launched, and is gaining traction and international attention.

NHS agency staff - the market reaps as Hunt sows

Tough talk by the Health Secretary on NHS agency costs belies the fact that the problem occured on his watch - and as a result of his government's market policies.

Doctors - the new political scapegoat?

The NHS staff crisis and an over-reliance on locums are a result of political, 'pro-market' decisions - so why are politicians like Margaret Hodge so keen to blame the doctors themselves for the market they find themselves operating in?

Labour's Andy Burnham moves to strike out "Hospital Closure Clause"

Labour confirmed yesterday that it would be staging a last ditch attempt in parliament on Tuesday to strike out the deeply unpopular “Hospital Closure Clause”.

Government brushes aside NHS Free Trade Treaty Concerns

MPs raise concerns about the impact the forthcoming trade treaty, TTIP, will have on the NHS - but Minster Without Portfolio Ken Clarke says it will make no difference.

Hunt seeks to shed his duty to keep our medical data safe

Ministers dodge Labour grilling on the controversy.

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