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About Bernard Dreano

Bernard Dreano is the chair of the Cedetim (Center of international solidarity initiatives and studies) and cofounder of the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly (Assemblée européenne des citoyens)



Articles by Bernard Dreano

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Yellow fever in France

Almost everyone agrees on the analysis of what caused this movement: the growth of inequalities, the marginalization of certain regions and social categories, austerity and neoliberal politics. Then accounts diverge.

Letter from Paris: which side will prevail?

The state of emergency is being used to harass ecological activists and to block demonstrations denouncing the irresponsibility of governments in facing up to climate change, during the COP21 meeting.

The demon of Death, a letter from Paris

The real goal of the attacks in France, as well as those in the Shia southern suburb of Beirut a few hours before this, is through fear, to spread division.

Letter from Paris

My friends and I, either in the past or more recently, all had some kind of personal and/or activist link with people among the victims…

Arab Spring: flowers faded, harvest to come

The short-term fate of the Arab revolution in each particular state will depend on the nuisance capacity of several actors. Those from inside, who would like to limit it or who would like to go backwards. And also those from outside, western powers, Saudis, Israelis... But the 2011 awakening of the Arab people will be harvested in the coming decade.

'Another Europe': the second European Social Forum

The energy and scale, the international and human presence of the second European Social Forum in Paris reveal its already strong foundations. But its real tests are still to come.
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