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Bill Park is a senior lecturer in the department of defence studies at Kings College London. He is currently conducting a longer-term study of the three way relationship between Turkey, the United States and the Kurdish Regional Government in Northern Iraq. His books include Turkey's Policy Towards Northern Iraq: Problems and Prospects (Routledge, 2005), and Modern Turkey: People, State and Foreign Policy in a Globalized World (Routledge, 2011)

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Turkey’s election: voting to revisit the past?

Expect more Turkish turbulence and drama to come, and for Turkish politics to once again resemble the years preceding 2002.                

Turkey has elections, but not democracy

Whatever shortcomings today’s Turkey has, they cannot all be pinned on AKP rule. But democracy and governance are deeply troubled and becoming more so.

Turkey and the Islamic State crisis: everyone's non-ally?

The military success of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq intensifies questions over Turkey's strategy and decisions. What Ankara does next will help to resolve them.   

Mosul, Maliki and ISIS: the view today from Erbil

It is surely not overly pessimistic to anticipate tension between Kurd and Sunni Arab in the months and years to come, almost regardless of the outcome of the current fighting. But Kurds are looking like much the best sort of neighbour in this desperate region.

Turkey's struggle: Erdoğan vs Gülen

A series of escalating crises in Turkey is reshaping political alliance and enmities. It also casts a shadow over the country's democratic future, says Bill Park.

Turkey’s Kurdish policy: sleepwalking to crisis

 A mix of inheritance, repression and strategic vacuity is pulling Turkey's leadership into a long-term Kurdish quagmire, says Bill Park.

August 31st 2012

Turkey, Kurds, Iraq, Syria: a new regional dynamic

The middle-east’s power-balance is in flux amid state tensions and political conflicts. In a two-part article, Bill Park - who was recently in Ankara and Erbil - examines the impact of these changes on Turkey and its neighbours, especially the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) of northern Iraq. In part one, he looks at the Iraqi dimension; in part two, at Syria’s conflict and the wider Kurdish question.

Turkey: vibrant democracy vs majority rule

Another epic political moment in Turkey confirms that the country is changing. But in which direction, asks Bill Park.

Turkey and Ergenekon: from farce to tragedy

An epic military, political, and security scandal continues to absorb Turkey. The affair's latest bizarre sub-plots make the tensions between the country's “deep state” and its constitutional order even more acute, says Bill Park.

Ergenekon: power and democracy in Turkey

The legal contest over an ultra-nationalist conspiracy in Turkey is at heart about politics rather than justice, says Bill Park.

Ergenekon: Turkey's military-political contest

The trial of alleged conspirators acting in defence of Turkey’s “deep state” is exposing the country’s military as well as its political leadership to new pressures, says Bill Park.

(This article was first published on 3 November 2008)

Ergenekon: Turkey’s “deep state” in the light

An elite conspiracy is charged with intending to destabilise Turkey's elected government in order to defend the country's permanent, secretive structure of power. But does the legal case tell the whole story, asks Bill Park.
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