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About Brendan Montague

Brendan Montague is a regular columnist for openDemocracy in our 'Brexit Inc: the environment and corporate power in the new Britain' series.

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Why we should be wary of Brexiteers’ efforts to import more Australian meat

Behind the bucolic image of antipodean farming lies a darker tale.

Brexit is taking our food policy in the wrong direction

One of the key roles of government is protecting us from ill effects of food that can take years to appear. But Brexit could undermine that.

Building firms can live with the newts - but the pro-Brexit hedge funders can't

It seems building firms are quite happy with business as usual - it's the hedge funders who want a deregulation bonanza. The third in a three piece series on EU environmental regulations and Brexit.

Of red tape and Brexit red herrings in the war between business and the environment

We shouldn’t be demonising regulations that are there to protect our future, as “red tape”. Part two of a three part series.

The Brexiteer and the newt – a case study in the EU, corporations and nature

Part one of a new three-part series on EU environmental protections – and how Brexiteers are seeking to redefine protected wildlife as a “scourge” to industry.

How Legatum has written the hymn sheet for a Dirty Brexit

The open secret that Brexit is more about financial and environmental deregulation than immigration is confirmed by a Legatum Institute briefing for City slickers.

‘Green Brexit’? Not with this dirty Brexit brigade, Mr Gove

The Brexit campaign included investors, brokers and businessmen with a financial interest in tearing up European Union regulations protecting the environment, an investigation by openDemocracy shows.

Economy-wrecking, climate-denying, Brexit-supporting – and on a radio near you

We need a better debate on our place in the global economy and ecology – not inaccurate nostrums put forward by a secretive network of the mega-rich and their ideologues.

Dirty Brexit and the covert war on regulation

During the next three months Brendan Montague will investigate the business interests and motives of the businessmen that sponsored Dirty Brexit...

Dirty donors back Theresa May in snap elections to secure a Dirty Brexit

Who is paying for the Tory election campaign?

BitMania: why cryptocurrencies are having a bubble.

The latest spike in the price of bitcoin has all the hallmarks of investor mania. Kristoffer Koch is the hapless hero in the cryptocurrency version of the classic get rich quick fable. He bought s...

Opposition parties offer choices from soft clean Brexit to hard dirty Brexit

Here is a crib sheet of what the main UK opposition political parties have said in relation to the future of European environmental regulations.

Soft clean Brexit or hard dirty Brexit: The great unpicking of EU regulations begins

UK prime minister Theresa May remains beholden to a small, vocal, hardened and influential faction within the Conservative party which is determined to strip away environmental protections agreed in Europe.

Clean Brexit, Dirty Brexit: Is this the last exit before armageddon?

Will Brexit mean a filthy bonfire of the regulations protecting our lungs?

How tobacco killed everyone I loved most and what I intend to do about it

Big tobacco killed my family. It's time to expose the industries learning from their playbook as they kill the planet.

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