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About Breno Bringel

Breno Bringel is Professor of Sociology at the Institute of Social and Political Studies, State University of Rio de Janeiro (IESP-UERJ). He is the editor of Dados; and openMovements. Follow on Twitter: @brenobringel

Breno Bringel es profesor de sociologia en El IESP-UERJ en Rio de Janeiro y editor de editor Dados  y de openMovements. Sigue a Breno en Twitter: @brenobringel

Breno Bringel é Professor de Sociologia do IESP-UERJ no Rio de Janeiro e editor de Dados e de openMovements. Twitter: @brenobringel


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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Trump vs Hillary: consecuencias de las elecciones presidenciales en América Latina

Cualquiera que sea el resultado, las elecciones presidenciales del 8 de noviembre tendrán un impacto determinante al sur del Río Grande. Recabamos la visión de algunos analistas desde la región. English Português

Trump vs Hillary: consequências das eleições presidenciais na América Latina

Seja qual for o resultado, a eleição presidencial terá um impacto determinante ao Sul do Rio Grande. Recolhemos a visão de alguns analistas desde a região. Español English

Trump vs Hillary: Consequences of US presidential elections for Latin America

As US voters turn out to decide between Trump and Hilary on election day, 5 analysts from the region share their thoughts on the potential impact of the results on Latin America. Español Português

“We must never forget, so it never happens again”: Brazil’s peasant internationalism

On International Day of Peasant Struggles, we reflect on Brazil’s ‘Landless Workers’ Movement’, which has been at the heart of struggles for land and social justice for over three decades.

2013-2016: polarização e protestos no Brasil

A redução de uma ampla e complexa reconfiguração da sociedade brasileira a “fascistas” e “bolivarianos” é mostra da exasperação da conjuntura atual. Español English

2013-2016: polarización y protestas en Brasil

La reducción de una amplia y compleja reconfiguración de la sociedad brasileña a “fascistas” y “bolivarianos” demuestra la exasperación de la coyuntura actual. English Português

2013-2016: polarization and protests in Brazil

The reduction of a broad and complex reconfiguration of Brazilian society to a matter of “Fascists” versus “Bolivarians” is a sign of the exasperation caused by the current conjuncture. Español Português

openMovements: social movements, global outlooks and public sociologists

Social scientists have a very specific contribution to deliver in a democratic public space, as openDemocracy’s articles daily testify. The articles by leading global sociologists published this week in openMovements are, we believe, exemplary.

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