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Bruce Page is an investigative journalist and a former member of the Sunday Times' renowned Insight team.

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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Dial M for Murdoch: the book to sink an empire?

Rupert Murdoch has returned for his second day before the UK state inquiry into the British press. While we tune into his defence, a sharp counter-point is the book Dial M for Murdoch with its uncompromising, up-to-date account of the global media empire's poisonous inner workings.

The end of the Murdoch Archipelago

This week, the media mogul once unquestioningly known as 'the kingmaker' appears before the UK state inquiry into the British press - a day after his son and would-be heir. To mark this moment, we publish the new introduction to the defining account of the 113-year-old Murdoch dynasty, asking the question: how did we come to this?

Politicians aren't scared of Murdoch; they're scared of a world without him

People assume that politicians are simply terrified of Rupert Murdoch. But chiefly they have allowed and encouraged the rise of the Murdoch empire because it protects them from authentic, principled, unpredictable journalism
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