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About Cailean Gallagher

Cailean Gallagher lives in Glasgow and writes at Mair nor a Roch Wind. Until September 18th he was Labour and trade union coordinator for Yes Scotland.

Articles by Cailean Gallagher

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Labour can be forced to unlock democracy in Scotland

Calls to destroy Scottish Labour on the pro-independence left are misguided. There is still a deep affection for the party in much of working class Scotland, and this can be mobilised by those who yearn for democracy.

Restating Scotland: beyond the containment of austerity

Scotland is resisting the attack on British welfare, but blocking policy can only do so much. Scotland needs an examination and restatement of its distinct civil society and institutions. This is the first piece in the ‘Restating Scotland’ debate series.

The social union between Scotland and the UK: how would it fare with independence?

Crucial to the argument for Scottish independence is the idea that leaving the political union of the United Kingdom will not mean leaving the social union. But what is this 'social union'?

Scotland's opportunity is about more than 'independence'

Something profound and genuinely radical is taking place in Scotland.

A hundred days of occupation: the "Free Hetherington" at Glasgow University

On February 1st, a building owned by Glasgow University was occupied in protest against attempts to model the university on a business, in solidarity with the wider student movement against the rise in tuition fees and privatisation of higher education. Yesterday, the Free Hetherington celebrated 100 days of occupation

Radical Scotland: arguments for self-determination

Cailean Gallagher reviews a collection of writing on the state of modern Scotland, edited by Gerry Hassan and Rosie Ilett
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