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About Camilla Toulmin

Camilla Toulmin is the director of the International Institute for Environment & Development (IIED), a policy research NGO based in London.

Articles by Camilla Toulmin

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

People power applies climate pressure

People around the world are putting increasing pressure on world leaders to take action on climate change, as demonstrated by this week's climate march in New York.

If you care about climate and international development, vote for Europe

Our ability to influence climate change and global development would be seriously curtailed by leaving the EU, not to mention the appalling prospect of a UKIP victory contributing to the break up of the UK with September's independence vote.

Climate change futures: postcard from Poznan

The margins of the global climate-change conference in western Poland are where the essential ideas are circulating, says Camilla Toulmin.

Was Bali a success?

The climate-change conference in Bali on 3-14 December 2007 ended in agreement, acclaim - and argument about the details. openDemocracy writers and environmental specialists offer a first draft of history on the Bali deal.

Bali: no time to lose

A mix of robust commitment and political imagination is needed to make Bali a success. This means leadership, says Camilla Toulmin.

Climate change, global justice: letter to Al Gore

The next climate battle offers a test that the maker of "An Inconvenient Truth" has yet to face up to. 

(This article was first published on 27 July 2006)

Tony Blair : farewell letters

Britain's prime minister is leaving the stage after ten years. openDemocracy writers say goodbye.

Climate change: from science and economics to human rights

The greatest challenge mankind faces must be addressed within a framework of commitment to global justice, say Saleemul Huq & Camilla Toulmin.

The G8 summit: don't forget climate change

The G8 leaders must take the lead on the world's most important issue, say Saleemul Huq & Camilla Toulmin of the International Institute for Environment and Development.

James Lovelock and Gaia's revenge

The architect of a new way of seeing the planet rings a passionate warning about the dangers to its survival. Camilla Toulmin assesses James Lovelock's vision.

Montreal scorecard - Kyoto 157, United States 1

The Montreal climate change conference was a qualified success – now the real work of planning for global sustainability and justice after 2012 begins, says Camilla Toulmin of the International Institute for Environment and Development.

Capitalism, the environment, and sustainable development: replies to Jonathon Porritt

A new book by the pioneering green campaigner Jonathon Porritt, “Capitalism As If the World Matters”, calls on environmentalists to create a politics of sustainability that accepts the reality of capitalism. Environmental thinkers and activists from a variety of perspectives respond.

Why Montreal matters

The Montreal conference of parties to the Kyoto protocol on climate change is a vital step in securing the planet’s future, says Camilla Toulmin of the International Institute for Environment & Development.

The G8 and climate change: a campaigners' scorecard

Was the G8 summit good for the prospects of limiting global climate change? Scientists and campaigners comment on the Gleneagles outcome.

Africa: make climate change history

Climate change in Africa is likely to compound an already fragile condition, says Camilla Toulmin; the future demands that economic development and environmental security walk together.

Africa has experienced huge shifts in climate over past millennia, but the likely changes in the next few decades may present some of the greatest challenges this troubled continent has seen.

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