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About Caroline Molloy

Caroline Molloy is Editor of OurNHS and a freelance writer. In 2011/12 she was part of a successful campaign which reversed one of the largest planned NHS privatisations in the country, involving 9 Gloucestershire hospitals. Since then she has been campaigning alongside local and national groups to defend the NHS. 

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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Efford's "Save the NHS" Bill - does it do what it says on the tin?

This Friday MPs vote on a Bill its advocates say will "reverse the most noxious elements of Cameron's Health Act". Does it merit our support?

NHS boss Stevens and the TTIP 'trade' lobbyists who threaten our NHS

New NHS boss Simon Stevens ducks questions about his alleged connection to pro-TTIP treaty lobbyists pushing to open the NHS up further to profiteering US companies.  

The billions of wasted NHS cash no-one wants to mention

As calls mount for the NHS cash crisis to be 'solved' by charging patients, there is one pot of money that sits glistening and untouched...

New law proposed to "stop the NHS becoming simply a memory"

The "NHS Bill 2015" campaign is calling on all General Election candidates to sign up to the new "NHS Reinstatement Bill", and is already attracting cross-party support.

Vote Yes for the NHS - independence is the best chance to protect Scotland's NHS

The NHS has become the burning issue of the Scottish Independence Referendum. OurNHS takes a close look, and finds in favour of the Yes campaign.

Charge seriously ill patients for NHS beds, proposes commission

Hidden amidst the aspirations on social care are some nasty precedents which could undermine the whole principle of free NHS care.

We all already own the NHS - the latest 'mutual' spin is about taking it out of our hands

So-called 'John Lewis style mutuals' have been tried in the NHS - and flopped badly. So they want to give this Trojan horse for privatisation and asset-stripping new legs - and teeth.

The Blairites were to blame for the NHS's biggest disgrace - why should we listen to them now?

The latest ex-Blair advisor to lambast the NHS for being 'slow' to adopt privatisation is Paul Corrigan. But his past hastiness had a little-noted role in the NHS's darkest episode.

Labour turn spotlight on GP shortages

Yesterday Miliband pledged a GP appointment for all within 48 hours, today Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham visits inner-city GP practices facing the axe. 

Three crucial safeguards for medical records proposed by leading voices on

Public health professor Allyson Pollock has called on parliament to pass three crucial amendments in next week's debate to ensure public health, not commercial interest, is at the heart of the new NHS IT system. 

Shock U-turn as sell-off of George Eliot hospital cancelled

The planned sell-off of George Elliott hospital has been cancelled, hailed as a "victory for common sense" by unions and campaigners.

Key NHS recommendation to "put patients first" rejected by government advisors

Government advisors today rejected the main recommendation of the QC who investigated failings of care at NHS hospitals - to re-write the NHS Constitution to make clear "patients come first". 

Coalition MPs vote through sweeping hospital closure powers

Attempts by Labour to strike out the controversial Hospital Closure Clause have been defeated by Conservative and Lib Dem MPs. 

Privacy campaigners team up with leading public health professor to fix Hunt's 'complete nonsense' on

Hunt's fix for the troubled '' project - debated by MPs today - is "complete nonsense" according to medConfidential. They have teamed up with public health professor Allyson Pollock to propose an alternative fix to the troubled project.

Campaigning Lewisham GP to stand in Euro elections for new National Health party

London GP Louise Irvine, who led the successful 'Save Lewisham Hospital' campaign, is standing for European parliament for the National Health Action Party in a bid to stop privatisation and NHS cuts.

'No hospital will be safe' from Clause 118

As the Care Bill returns to parliament today, campaigners are rallying oppposition to the Hospital Closure Clause that would allow widespread fast-track hospital closures.

Hospital closure clause battle heats up today

Stormy scenes are likely in parliament today as the government tries to “rush through” changes that will make it far easier to close hospitals without public consultation. The changes face fierce opposition from doctors, 38 Degrees, the British Medical Association and charities.

Resources - NHS international comparisons and opinion polls

This section of OurNHS's new 'Resource guide' points you to some international comparisons and some opinion polls of both public and staff views on the NHS 'reforms'.

A single stitch? $500 please

Hospital costs soar in the US, showing the failings of the marketised system just as England races towards it.

NHS charges - the Zombie policies walking into Downing Street?

Reform - the think tank that provided David Cameron with his lead health advisor - is trying to resuscitate discredited policies on NHS charging in England and introduce some dangerous new ideas to boot.

Stop the hospital closure clause

The government is trying to quietly rush through a law making it much easier to close our hospitals. It's time to make our voices heard!

Victory for Lewisham hospital - but government's plan B threatens 100s more hospitals

The Appeal Court today ruled against government attempts to close most of the popular Lewisham Hospital. But even as campaigners celebrate, MPs prepare to vote on whether to legalise such fast-track hospital closures elsewhere. 

UK Government to make it easier to shut hospitals without full consultation

The government is trying to push through a last minute change to the law to make it far easier to shut down A&E departments and hospitals aross the country without full consultation.

Government forcing us to open NHS to competition, say commissioners

The government promised parliament that NHS competition would not be compulsory under their new laws. New evidence emerges today that these promises were false. 

Peterborough Hospital, the NHS and Britain's privatisation racket

Solving a hospital disaster that was caused by privatisation with more privatisation, makes little sense - until you see who’s been benefiting all along.

Look who's after the NHS's first billion pound privatisation

All the big beasts of NHS privatisation are hoping to get their hands on older people's NHS services - though some are employing more innovative methods than others.

Democracy has stopped Britain going to war - but can it save England's NHS?

We have just seen the importance of democracy in relation to matters of life and death overseas. We must restore it at home, too. 

Paying for private failure in England's NHS - again

The NHS is paying millions to a failed private Treatment Centre to escape a contract after a series of patient deaths - and the figures don't quite add up.

Save our NHS - holiday reading special

Stuck for some holiday reading? Why not brush up on what's happening to our NHS...

More NHS hospitals turning to private patients

As NHS funding cuts bite, are NHS hospitals muddying the waters between NHS and private patients?

What is G4S doing in England's NHS?

As G4S is exposed for overcharging on government contracts, we ask - just what is G4S doing in the NHS?

First they came for the gingers...

The government is consulting on whether to charge ginger-haired people to use the NHS.

Shirley Williams suggests new NHS charges

Baroness Shirley Williams - who claimed to have protected the principle of an NHS 'free at the point of need' - today suggested we should consider GP charges and ending free prescriptions for pensioners.

Keep the faith - a review of the UK's People's Assembly

On Saturday 4000 activists gathered in London to discuss austerity and privatisation, and how to respond. Caroline Molloy found a lack of space to fully participate and shape solutions - but shoots of hope for the future.

Milburn, the NHS, and Britain's 'revolving door'

As the government ploughs on with its NHS ‘reforms’ in the face of opposition from medics and the public, whose interests are really driving these reforms? The latest move by former Health Secretary Alan Milburn provides a clue.

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