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About Caroline Robinson

Caroline Robinson is Director at Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX), which tackles human trafficking for labour exploitation as the product of a system in which workers’ and migrants’ rights are not recognised or enforced. FLEX acts as a bridge between people at risk of exploitation and anti-trafficking responses, seeking rights-based approaches to prevention. Follow Caroline on Twitter @CaroRobins0n.

Articles by Caroline Robinson

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Tied visas and quick fixes: the UK’s post-Brexit labour market

The British government wants to import migrant labourers using a scheme that will leave workers vulnerable to forced and precarious labour. Is this their idea of leadership against ‘modern slavery’?

'Let the market decide': the ultimate cop-out in the fight against labour exploitation

Consumers don't have the time or the spare cash to only purchase ethically from companies they've thoroughly researched. Why do we pretend they do?

The UK, ‘modern slavery’, and the elephant in the room: prevention

Europe hosts many examples of how to prevent exploitation in national labour markets. This EU Anti-Trafficking Day, why doesn’t the UK follow suit?

The problem with the British government's approach to exploitation

The NGO Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX) engaged strongly with the British parliament during the drafting of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, but found the government resistant to many of its ideas.

Modern slavery and labour exploitation: the UK government’s dilemma

The Immigration Bill will be read in parliament today. The provisions it contains will harm rather than help those singled out for protection under the Modern Slavery Act.

Anti-slavery responses should offer solutions not benevolence

The modern slavery act is seen as a righteous cause for many UK decision makers, however victims of exploitation do not share the simplistic moral narrative, seeking practical solutions not benevolence. 

The link between immigration policy, labour markets and exploitation in the UK

The UK government’s commitment to tackling trafficking for labour exploitation is being undermined by its immigration and labour market policies.

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