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About Cecile Rossi

Cecile Rossi is an MSc in Conflict Studies candidate at the London School of Economics.

Cécile Rossi se especializa en estudios de conflicto en la London London School of Economics.

Articles by Cecile Rossi

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Venezuela: vozes silenciadas

A dureza com que a Venezuela trata a oposição não parece ter fim à vista. A comunidade internacional deve exigir responsabilidades ao Presidente Maduro pela sua violação dos direitos humanos. English Español 

Venezuela: voces silenciadas

La dureza con la que Maduro trata a la oposición, y las formas de tortura que esperan en las abarrotadas prisiones del país, son síntomas del fuerte deterioro que vive la democracia venezolana. Português English

Venezuela’s silenced voices

The harsh treatment of political opposition in society, and the forms of torture that await them in the country’s overcrowded prisons, are a worrying sign for the year ahead in Venezuela. Português Español

Venezuela's silenced voices

Venezuela’s harsh treatment of the opposition is not likely to end. The international community should hold president Maduro’s regime accountable for its human rights abuse.

"There was a group of capable people, but they killed each other": The Corsican struggle forty years on

Forty years after the events in Aléria that sparked a violent struggle for independence in Corsica, what has become of the clandestine nationalist movement?

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