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About Chantal Mouffe

Chantal Mouffe is a Belgian political theorist and professor at the University of Westminster. She has been visiting professor at several European, Latin American and US universities. As an author, she is globally known for Hegemony and Socialist Strategy. Towards a radicalization of democracy, which she co-authored with Ernesto Laclau, and her critical readings of Carl Scmitt.

Articles by Chantal Mouffe

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Left populism over the years

A conversation about the rise of the right-wing since the turn of the century, what this tells us about liberal democracy, and the deepening of democracy needed in response.

O momento populista

O “demos”, o povo soberano, foi declarado como categoria “zombie” e agora vivemos em sociedades pós-democráticas. Español English

El reto populista

La lucha contra la post-democracia ¿requiere una intervención política populista? English

The populist challenge

Does the fight against post-democracy require a populist political intervention?  Español

The populist moment

The 'demos', the sovereign people, has been declared a 'zombie' category and this is why we now live in 'post-democratic' societies. Português Español

El momento populista

El ‘demos’, el pueblo soberano, ha sido declarado una categoría ‘zombie’ y ahora vivimos en sociedades ‘post-democráticas’. Português English

Da resistência ao poder: a experiência latino-americana

Uma conversa entre o secretário político de Podemos e uma referente da esquerda pós-marxista reflete o potencial impacto das ideias e práticas latino-americanas na esquerda europeia. English Español

De la resistencia al poder: la experiencia latinoamericana

Una conversación entre el secretario político de Podemos y un referente de la izquierda postmarxista muestra el impacto potencial de las ideas y prácticas latinoamericanas en la izquierda europea. English Português

Latin American conquest of the state

A conversation between the political strategist of Podemos and a theoretical referent of the postmarxist left shows the potential impact of the Latin-American political ideas and practices. Español Português

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