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About Charles Reading

Charles Reading is the pseudonym of a Jakarta-based security analyst

Articles by Charles Reading

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Indonesia: pluralism vs vigilantism

A pattern of violence against the Ahmadiyah religious community, in which the perpetrators enjoy near-impunity and official indulgence, is disfiguring Indonesia. It also presents a wider challenge to the country’s vital search for a model of religious tolerance in public life, says Charles Reading.

Indonesia’s far east: security and politics

A tide of protest in Indonesia’s easternmost provinces of Papua and West Papua is a challenge to Jakarta, says Charles Reading: find a new security paradigm, or face increasing radicalism in the country’s poorest region.

Papua: the elusive dialogue

An initiative to address the complex conflicts in the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua seeks to learn from past failure by extending the understanding of dialogue, says Charles Reading.

Papuan autonomy: the blocked road

The Indonesian state’s promise of empowerment to Papuans has proved inadequate. A new focus is needed, says Charles Reading.

Indonesia: bombs and politics

The Jakarta hotel bombs are evidence of a fragmentation of jihadi militancy in Indonesia. The attacks will have political consequences at elite level,  says Charles Reader.    

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