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About Chipo Chung

Chipo Chung is an actor and social activist working with a number of social change charities operating in Africa (Peace Direct, SAFE, Envision Zimbabwe). She is a Council Member of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and a Member of the Save the Africa Centre Campaign. 

Articles by Chipo Chung

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Africa Centre politics: the struggle continues for the African diaspora’s Windrush

In 2011, the board of Covent Garden's Africa Centre were engaged in a secret deal to sell their historic home at 38 King Street. Months later, backed by a number of high profile figures, the protest campaign continue their struggle to defend democratic, community values. 

Africa Centre politics: microcosm of failed democracy

The Africa Centre in London has been a refuge and cultural beacon for four decades. After a secret deal to sell the building was leaked, a campaign was launched to save the Centre reaching across Africa and the diaspora. Yet the people are not being heard, reflecting the failures of democracy in the continent itself
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