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About Chris Darke

Chris Darke is a London-based writer and film critic. He has contributed to Film Comment, The Independent,Sight and Sound, Frieze, Trafic and Cahiers du cinema and is the author of Light Readings: Film Criticism and Screen Art, Wallflower Press. A Letter from London by the author is online at

Articles by Chris Darke

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

<i>Lilya 4-Ever</i>: no other world

The rage that fuels Lukas Moodyson’s bleak portrait of the shattered life of a young girl forced into prostitution also traps the director’s imagination.

The underside of Globalisation: on Michael Winterbottom's <i>In This World</i>

The new film from British Director Michael Winterbottom, which won top prize at the Berlin Film Festival, brings a rough-grained documentary immediacy to the story of two young Afghanis smuggled across Europe to the UK. In the context of the war in Iraq- threatening to displace tens of thousands – and recent attempts to toughen European immigration laws, it has a grim timeliness.

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