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About Chris Gilligan

Chris Gilligan is the author of Northern Ireland and the Crisis of Anti-racism and editor of several collections on the politics of migration and on the politics of Northern Ireland. He was a founding member of Open Borders Scotland, and he has been active in pro-migrant campaigning for over a decade.

Articles by Chris Gilligan

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Common Travel Area (CTA): complacent talk about migration

Whether the UK leaves the EU or not, and no matter under what terms, the fight to uphold higher standards in public debate is a vital task for a human-centred world.

¿Es utópico luchar por fronteras abiertas?

En Europa, miles de personas migrantes son prisioneras de los controles fronterizos. Y se preguntan: «¿acaso no somos seres humanos?» ¿Es utópico responderles que sí lo son? y ¿qué es necesario abrir las fronteras? English

Is it utopian to argue for open borders?

Thousands of migrants in Europe are prisoners of border controls. They ask, 'are we not human?' Is it utopian to answer yes, and that we need to open the borders? English

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