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About Christian Volk

Christian Volk is Professor of Political Theory at the University of Trier, Germany. Since 2011, he is head of the DFG-Research Project “The Concept of Sovereignty in the transnational constellation”. Among his latest books are: Arendtian Constitutionalism. Law, Politics and the Order of Freedom (Oxford, Hart Publishing, forthcoming in 2015); Macht und Widerstand in der globalen Politik (with Julian Junk, Baden-Baden, Nomos Verlag 2013); Ambivalenzen der Ordnung. Der Staat im Denken Hannah Arendts (with Julia Schulze-Wessel and Samuel Salzborn, Berlin, Springer VS-Verlag 2013); Die Ordnung der Freiheit. Recht und Politik im Denken Hannah Arendts (Baden-Baden, Nomos Verlag 2010). 

Articles by Christian Volk

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Struggle, dissent and debate: politics and memory in Europe

Especially in some European countries, dealing with the dark sides of one’s history has become a significant topos. Without such a change in cultures of commemoration of the different European countries, a European Union would have been impossible.

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