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About Christine Berry

Christine Berry is a freelance researcher and writer and was previously Director of Policy and Government for the New Economics Foundation. She has also worked at ShareAction and in the House of Commons.

Articles by Christine Berry

This week’s front page editor

Rosemary Bechler is a mainsite editor of openDemocracy

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Yes, neoliberalism is a thing. Don't let economists tell you otherwise

On the list of ‘ten tell-tale signs you’re a neoliberal’, insisting that Neoliberalism Is Not A Thing must surely be number one.

Democratising pensions: where next after the USS strikes?

We need an alternative to Britain’s highly financialised and marketized pensions system. 

USS is the tip of the iceberg. Our pensions system is a hot mess

The USS strikes should be a wakeup call to the crisis brewing in the UK pensions system.

After Grenfell: ending the murderous war on our protections

In the wake of the horrifying Grenfell Tower disaster, people are starting to ask questions about why reports on housing safety were sat on and ignored. And the finger is being pointed towards the gov...

The next VW scandal

Buried in the minutes of an obscure new quango is evidence of vast corporate capture of the UK government.

What to do about Fortress Treasury and its grip on British politics?

The Treasury is a regressive force holding the strings at the centre of British politics. Shoudl be break up its power, or try to claim it?

Well-being is more than a side-show to neoliberal economics

Well-being is not just a luxury for good economic times. Reducing poverty and promoting equality are more important goals than simply increasing the size of the economy. To this end, new data shows that stability is better than growth.

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