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Clare Sambrook, novelist & investigative journalist. Co-edits Shine a Light. Co-founder End Child Detention Now. Winner, Paul Foot Award and Bevins Prize for outstanding investigative journalism. Twice nominated, Orwell Prize. Tweets @CLARESAMBROOK

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Adam Ramsay is a co-editor of openDemocracyUK.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Police watchdog omits 3 contentious deaths from record-breaking count of deaths in custody

Exclusive: Annual count of police custody deaths in England and Wales hits 23, an 11-year high. But deaths of Rashan Charles, Shane Bryant and Edson Da Costa are excluded from the headline figure.

‘Accidental death’ of a young black Londoner. Rashan Charles EXPLAINER

Police video evidence missing. Long-serving ex-Metropolitan Police officers presented as “independent” experts. Coroner’s contentious directions to inquest jury. The troubling case of Rashan Charles.

'We’ve done you proud' — Families speak after NHS Trust fined £2million over patient deaths

Today Southern Health was fined £2m over the “entirely preventable” deaths of 18-year-old Connor Sparrowhawk and Teresa Colvin, aged 45.

Connor Sparrowhawk: How one boy’s death in NHS care inspired a movement for justice

  • The story of a UK campaign for truth and accountability. And respect for the lives of people who have learning disabilities. Review by Clare Sambrook. Extract by Sara Ryan.

On the lethal restraint of young black Londoner, Rashan Charles

The police claimed that an officer intervened to prevent a young man from harming himself. Video evidence suggests a different story. (warning: distressing)

Rashman: Police watchdog to investigate lethal restraint of young black man in Hackney

  • Police claim officer “intervened” to “prevent the man from harming himself”. But video shows sustained restraint. (warning: distressing)

Child was held for a staggering 151 days in men’s immigration lockup Morton Hall in Lincolnshire

Today’s inspection report reveals that children were detained among 400 adults. One detainee had been convicted of multiple offences against children. (See also: 'People come in here normal, but they get ill')

British security company G4S confirms that Florida shooter is one of their own

  • • Omar Mateen, who killed 50 people in gay nightclub, was employed as armed guard by G4S.
  • • G4S guards have killed before.
  • • Company sells its expertise in vetting staff.

G4S suspends 5 staff over alleged attempts to massage 999 response figures

Commercial partners G4S and Lincolnshire Police are jointly investigating fake emergency calls that made outsourcing look good.

On Connor Sparrowhawk’s avoidable death

A leaked document reveals that an NHS England Trust knew of failings 10 months before a young man died in its care.

Shine A Light writer Jenny McCall wins Anti-Slavery Day media award

Story exposing UK government’s failures to protect victims of trafficking judged “best news piece” on modern slavery.

Could Ministry of Justice & Grayling be prosecuted for manslaughter over prison suicides?

In just 12 months, 89 prisoners in England and Wales took their own lives. What is the government doing about it?  

The racist texts. What the Mubenga trial jury was not told

Jimmy Mubenga died under restraint by three G4S guards. Extreme racist texts found on two of the guards’ phones were withheld from the jury who yesterday cleared all three men of manslaughter. (Warning: this piece contains highly offensive language)

Suicide, murder, despair. Coalition government makes its mark on prisons

  • Justice minister Chris Grayling is imposing a ‘more Spartan’ prison regime, with deadly consequences.
  • • 88 prisoner suicides in one year in England and Wales
  • • Chief Inspector of Prisons to be replaced in 2015
  • • Spending on food cut to £1.96 per prisoner per day (that’s £1.96 in total, breakfast, lunch and dinner)

The national shame that is healthcare in UK immigration detention

Four years ago G4S was involved in the unlawful killing of an immigration detainee called Jimmy Mubenga. Now they're winning NHS contracts to care for detainees.

G4S private army of Gurkhas wins medals for gallantry in Kabul

  • • Honour citation sheds light on security industry's role in 'War on Terror'.
  • • G4S Gurkhas deployed against environmental protesters in the UK.

Nice work: G4S wins $118 million Guantánamo contract

G4S, the UK government outsourcer that supports Israeli security services on the West Bank, will serve Guantánamo Bay Naval Base.

Gove's own Operation Trojan Horse: the privatisation of our schools

Yesterday education minister Michael Gove was demoted to the post of chief whip. His covert privatisation of schools across England goes on.

Love is not all you need, says Court of Appeal: can you afford to love a migrant?

Harsh UK immigration rules deprive couples of their right to family life unless they earn at least £18,600 per year — more if they have children. And that's all right, says the Court of Appeal.

One Man, Two Guvnors: the conflict at the heart of British justice

Yesterday Chris Grayling, who is both Minister of State for Justice (dismantling the legal aid system) and Lord Chancellor (sworn to uphold the rule of law), gave evidence before the House of Commons Justice Committee.

Coroner: prisoner got ‘sub-optimal care’ at G4S Oakwood Prison

  • • For almost an hour after Steve Ham was found unresponsive, G4S guards failed to call an ambulance
  • • Panic, inexperience, understaffing and lack of transparency exposed at UK's flagship private prison
  • • “An excellent model for the future of the Prison Service,” said justice minister Chris Grayling when Oakwood opened

Can you afford to fall in love with a migrant?

How the UK's immigration rules deprive couples of their right to family life

One life in investigative journalism

A Q&A with Clare Sambrook, OurKingdom co-editor and co-founder of the End Child Detention Now campaign. Interviewer: Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi, writer-in-residence at Lacuna.

Man loses job. What next? (He's G4S's Nick Buckles, by the way)

What happens after a government outsourcer fails shareholders and the public, and the boss loses his job? Nick Buckles gets £1,200,000 — and a pension of more than £400,000 a year.

Fail and prosper: how privatisation really works

Want to make £10 million and more? Become an accountant. Learn how to make austerity pay. 

Is the Death of a Detainee a BBC story? It depends where they're from

The horrible death of Canadian Alois Dvorzac in UK immigration detention was big news. What if he'd been from Eritrea or Zaire?

Man, 84, dies handcuffed in hospital: UK border control by the GEO Group

A shocking report on Harmondsworth, the British immigration lock-up run by GEO, America's second biggest prisons contractor. Who are the GEO Group and what do they stand for?

Britain's botched privatisation of asylum housing

UK spending watchdog confirms mismanagement in outsourcing to G4S and Serco. Report casts doubt on public servants' ability to scrutinise powerful contractors.

G4S guard bludgeoned woman to death

  • •  Glasgow murder conviction raises fresh doubts about government outsourcer's competence and integrity
  • •  Guard's "instability only became apparent after the murder," says G4S, who claim expertise in "robust employee screening"

The truth about sexual abuse at Yarl's Wood detention centre

What is the British government really doing to protect immigration detainees from their guards?

Jimmy Mubenga and the shame of British Airways

Three years after the unlawful killing of a passenger in its care, why hasn't British Airways held an inquiry into what went wrong? What are the consequences of its inaction?

G4S: A tale of two troubled prisons

Privatisation's flagship African jail is beset by kidnap, rape and stabbings. In Oakwood Prison, England, hooch, drugs and violence thrive. What's the problem? For-profit prisons? Or G4S?

UK government deports sexual assault witnesses

Witnesses to alleged sexual abuse at Yarl's Wood detention centre are being put on a mass deportation flight to Pakistan, leaving tonight.

Strip-searched in Derbyshire

Police officers across England are strip-searching people for no good reason. 

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