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About Claudia Torrisi

Claudia Torrisi is an Italian freelance journalist focused on social issues such as migration and civil rights. In 2015 she was a finalist for the Roberto Morrione Award for investigative journalism with a video report on the application of the law on abortion in hospitals in Rome. She is part of Chayn Italy, an open-source project that uses technology to empower women against violence. Claudia writes monthly features for openDemocracy 50.50. Follow her on Twitter: @clatorrisi.

Articles by Claudia Torrisi

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Non Una di Meno. Protestas por los derechos de las mujeres: "Ya basta"

La reciente protesta contra la obiezione di coscienza  – el derecho de ginecólogos italianos a negarse a realizar abortos – es la última de muchas manifestaciones por los derechos de las mujeres. English

Non Una di Meno protests for women's rights: "Enough is enough"

The recent protest against obiezione di coscienza – whereby Itailan gynecologists can refuse to conduct abortions – is the latest of many demonstrations by this growing women's rights movement.

Persecuted beyond borders: why Italy needs LGBT refugee shelters

LGBT refugees fleeing torture, violence and discrimination often find persecution has followed them to Europe. Reception centres are beginning to respond to urgent needs.

“Change can start from us”: Roma women in Italy fight for their rights

A new generation of Roma women is rising up against multiple forms of discrimination, to claim their rights to jobs, education, and healthcare.

Abortire in Italia: come l'obiezione di coscienza è diventata una minaccia per i diritti e la salute delle donne

Quasi 40 anni dopo la legalizzazione dell'aborto – tra proteste e movimenti di liberazione culturale – le donne faticano ancora ad accedere ai servizi essenziali. Read this article in English.

Abortion in Italy: how widespread 'conscientious objection' threatens women’s health and rights

Almost 40 years after abortion was legalised – amid mass protests and a broader cultural liberation movement – women still struggle to access crucial services. Leggi questo articolo in italiano.

Monsters, jealousy and “sick love” — how the Italian media covers violence against women

Statistics give partial pictures of gender-based violence in Italy – but the language used to cover such violence can be even more misleading.

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