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About Clive Peedell

Clive Peedell is a cancer specialist, member of the BMA council, and co-founder and co-leader of the National Health Action Party. 


Articles by Clive Peedell

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Three things MPs say about the NHS Bill - and why they are wrong

What you can say to your MP if they're not sure about supporting the NHS Bill (which fell at its second reading this month, but will be back in future).

Simon Stevens' disastrous funding deal is failing the NHS

Dr Clive Peedell, co-leader of the National Health Action Party, hits out at NHS England’s CEO for failing to negotiate sufficient funding from Jeremy Hunt ahead of the general election. 

Outsourcing cancer care - the biggest and most reckless NHS privatisation yet?

Outsourcing over a billion pounds of cancer and end-of-life services is reckless and shows just how threadbare government promises of ‘no NHS privatisation’ have become.

"Cameron lied to the country", says Clive Peedell

Yes, the Coalition is privatising the NHS, and yes it does matter who provides the service, says Clive Peedell of the National Health Action Party

The National Health Action party, and why you should join

NHA Party founder Clive Peedell explains what has happened to the National Health Service in England and why his new party is needed to defend it.

Bevan’s Run: two doctors, six marathons, six days, resisting the attack on the NHS

We in England will lose our publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable healthcare system — unless we fight for it.

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