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About Colin Crouch

Colin Crouch is an emeritus professor of the University of Warwick. His recent books include Post-Democracy (2004), The Strange Non-Death of Neolibealism (2011), and Making Capitalism Fit for Society (2013).


Articles by Colin Crouch

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Educating for democracy

"In education our duty is to... help people cultivate a desire to seek out truth and separate it from lies. This needs open debate, not closure." Interview for the World Forum for Democracy 2016.

The familiar axes of politics are changing, with momentous consequences

Political identities have changed significantly, and politics has shifted with them.

Dealing with corporate political power

The political deployment of corporate wealth has escaped not only the constraints of constitutional rules but even the debates over those rules. Doesn’t the removal of corporate decisions into the hands of judges and corporate lawyers challenge individual freedom as much as a ‘nanny state’?

The incoherence of British Euroscepticism

There are three main arguments for how Britain would cope with a role outside the EU - it is hard to say which is the most misguided.

Labour's drift to isolationism in Europe

Labour's opportunistic stance on increasing the EU budget reflects wider problems on the British left with regard to Europe. However tainted with neoliberal doctrine, the EU remains our greatest hope for contesting the triumph of the global market.

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