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About Damian Hockney

Damian Hockney is a magazine publisher who became involved in politics through his opposition to the plan to give Europol officers immunity for life from prosecution. A former vice-chair of UKIP, he was elected to the London Assembly in 2004 and was a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority from 2004 to 2008.

Articles by Damian Hockney

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Don't make crude assumptions about young people's attitudes to the EU

Until recently, young people were one of Britain's most Eurosceptic demographics.

The resilience of UKIP

Despite hysterical coverage of “splits” and “crises”, UKIP is likely to be the big beneficiary of UK politics over the next three years.  

UKIP's "contradictions" are a strength, not weakness

UKIP does indeed have both left and right tendencies - on some issues it is clearly to the left of Labour. This might be a problem for the London media but it isn't for the voters.

A Labour MP defecting to UKIP?

UKIP is stealing important weapons in the progressive armoury, and Labour seems powerless to respond, almost losing a safe seat in a by-election. Now, in the weekend after that vote, UKIP is apparently in discussion with a sitting Labour MP who is considering defecting.

UKIP is closer to the left than many think

UKIP is a work in progress. Its membership is among the most receptive to policies which many see as left wing, and its structure will almost inevitably encourage policy initiatives which reflect this. A new book, ‘Revolt on the right, has started the process of making this understood.

The Bulgaria and Romania debate is mired in cynical fantasy

Politicans are stoking fears and tensions because they are powerless to do anything of substance. This is the worst of all worlds. It is cynical, irresponsible, inflammatory and exposes a major democratic deficit.

Conference season: Labour set the agenda, Tories could do better, UKIP continue to ride high

In the final part of our series on UK party conference season, we hear what Labour and the Tories each need to do, and that UKIP didn't have the disaster the media would have us believe.

Is it politicians or the press creating anti-immigrant sentiment in Britain?

It is the main parties that are responsible for the public’s increasingly hardening attitude, not the Daily Mail and UKIP.

UKIP’s growth - misunderstood by left and right in Britain

Dig a little deeper and you will see most popular characterisations of UKIP leave much to be desired - they are in fact attracting plenty of young voters and the public generally rejects comparisons between UKIP and the BNP. Both left and right are struggling to make their mud stick.

Why politicians can’t be honest about the EU

Responding to Stuart Weir's recent article, Damian Hockney says the EU's supposed benefits are as illusory as the supposed damages the UK would suffer from leaving.

Denying UKIP media coverage is bad for democracy

A former party Vice Chair of the UK Independence Party asks why it takes a scandal to gain media coverage for the growing party. What chance political diversity when parties outside the ‘big three’ don’t get a look in?

New and small parties are starved by British media: Democracy2015, take heed

Democracy 2015 was initiated to 'seize the UK parliament' from discredited career politicians. If it resolves serious issues around policy, it could be a promising alternative for voters. But no matter how much potential the party has, it is stunted from birth by the mainstream media’s failure to adequately cover parties other than the ‘big three’. 

Banned from campaigning: the London Mayor candidates in "the wrong class"

Is it a fair election, when 'favoured' candidates get hundreds of hours of state-sponsored TV coverage, and 'minor' candidates are sidelined?

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