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About Dan McQuillan

Dan McQuillan is a Lecturer in Creative & Social Computing, and has a PhD in Experimental Particle Physics. Prior to academia he worked as Amnesty International's Director of E-communications. Recent publications include 'Algorithmic States of Exception', 'Data Science as Machinic Neoplatonism' and 'Algorithmic Paranoia and the Convivial Alternative'. | @danmcquillan


Articles by Dan McQuillan

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Rethinking AI through the politics of 1968

We need to pursue a political philosophy that was embraced in '68, of living the new society through authentic action in the here and now.

Manifesto on algorithmic humanitarianism

The nature of machine learning operations mean they will actually deepen some humanitarian problematics and introduce new ones of their own. This banality of machine learning is also its power.

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