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About Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones is a barrister practicing in national and international public law.

Articles by Daniel Jones

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

City of London Elections 2013: the battle, the count, the lessons

The recent elections to the City of London’s local authority were fiercely fought, after years where the majority of seats went uncontested. Lessons should be drawn for any future attempt to reform the financial services industry.

Election 2013: Reforming the City of London Corporation

In March, elections to the City of London Corporation take place. They could be used to challenge the unaccountable power wielded by this state-within-a-state.

Barnett is wrong; the public had little to do with Murdoch's fall

Was it the public's outrage that brought down the News of the World? And Ed Miliband's courage that has led to a wide-reaching Press inquiry? Anthony Barnett thinks so, but perhaps he was being a little too generous...

Who are the Liberal Democrats?

There has always been a tension between the social democratic and the economically liberal traditions within the Lib Dems. To regard the party a straightforwardly left-of-centre is a mistake.

The Karadzic trial: the dock stands empty

Day one of the trial of Radovan Karadzic and the defendant refuses to appear. Daniel Jones asks what this means for justice for the former Yugoslavia and considers the cost of allowing high profile defendants to represent themselves
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