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About Daniel Kennedy

Daniel Kennedy is an Associate Editor at oDR. He is an Associate at Global Partners Digital, a social purpose company working to protect and promote human rights values online.

He tweets as @Danielabkennedy

Articles by Daniel Kennedy

This week’s front page editor


Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

How Russia’s opposition learned to stop worrying and love Crimea

Kennedy Avatar crop.jpgA recent statement by a prominent Russian opposition figure is testament to an unpalatable truth: Crimea’s annexation is popular with Russia’s ‘liberal elite.’


European integration: is it still the dream it once was?

Is EU integration still a priority for states, or have we in fact hit 'peak accession'? Announcing a new joint project between Can Europe Make it? and oDR.

Russian woman accused of treason for phoning Ukrainian embassy

shutterstock_151792607 phone crop.jpg

A mother of seven is facing charges of treason in the Russian town of Vyazma. Her alleged crime? Phoning the Ukrainian embassy to warn about Russian troop movements.

Who’s afraid of Russia Today?

Kennedy Avatar crop.jpgIs RT (formerly Russia Today) really as dangerous or as effective as its critics claim?


Scotland's referendum: the view from around the world

As residents of Scotland vote today on the future of their country, we take a look at how countries around the world are talking about the referendum.

Arming Ukraine

Kennedy Avatar crop.jpg

Arming Ukraine will lead to a widening of the conflict, more death and destruction, and a far more aggressive Russian policy.


The Russian internet today

The first ‘.ru’ domain was registered twenty years ago. Russia’s internet (or RuNet) used to be one of the least regulated online spaces in the world, but it has come under increasingly heavy government scrutiny.

The heavyweight guide to Ukraine

Don't know your Klitschko from your Titushki? Can’t remember which oligarch is which? What or who is a ‘Maidan?’ With our heavyweight guide, you won’t have to buy the next round…

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