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About Daniel Zylbersztajn

Daniel Zylbersztajn is a German born freelance journalist living in London, and former research student of militant violence,who ended his studies prematurely because he did not want to expose himself any further witnessing of the reports of violent events. He has worked for the Palestinian / Jewish peace village Wahat al-Salam ~Neve Shalom, and writes for several German newspapers. 

Articles by Daniel Zylbersztajn

This week’s front page editor


Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Anti-social subjectivity infringing the principle of ‘Living Together’

Society forces us to challenge ourselves to accept that participation in the public sphere is not just through the similarity with the people around one, but also through the differences. 

Mexican beheading: how to deal with real violence on the internet

Shying away and blocking out violence, however, is never a permanent solution. We have become the intimate witnesses of real horror. 

The possibilities and impossibilities of being a neighbour

German-born Daniel Zylbersztajn has recently returned to Poland, two months after his father's passing away. In the son, this has prompted thoughts on neighbourly relations and the meaning of transformative dialogue in general, taking account of his experiences in Jewish - Palestinian dialogue and his upbringing in Germany.

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