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About David Beer

David Beer is Reader in Sociology at the University of York. He is the author of Metric Power, Punk Sociology, Popular Culture and New Media: The Politics of Circulation, and New Media: The Key Concepts (with Nicholas Gane). He is on Twitter @davidgbeer.

Articles by David Beer

This week's editors

Cat Tully and Allie Bobak introduce this week's theme: Participation and foresight – putting people at the heart of the future

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Algorithms: the villains and heroes of the ‘post-truth’ era

We often focus on the negative or positive impacts of algorithms. But is this a distraction from how power is actually deployed through them?

Four futures: life after capitalism

The alternatives we imagine are products of the times in which we live. A review of Peter Frase’s book Four Futures.

My 350 on BREXIT: The carnival of uncertainty

“The old notions of social divisions somehow seem to radically over-simplify what is happening or seem outmoded as a framework for coherent explanation.”

Mason's Postcapitalism – are networks actually part of the problem?

For Mason and others networks are a key liberating tool in moving beyond capitalist relations, but networks are not inherently democratising nor free of hierarchy.

When ‘special measures’ become ordinary

To be measured was once a sign of failure. It is now not only common place, we frequently measure ourselves publicly, and voluntarily.

Living with smartness

Will new technologies turn people into passive human beings?

The embedded power of algorithms

The recent revelations surrounding the manipulation of Facebook news feeds to affect the emotional state of users should not be understood as an isolated social experiment, but rather as one point within a far broader setting in which algorithms are powerful forces in everyday life.

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