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About David Blunkett

David Blunkett is Labour MP for Sheffield Brightside. He was Britain's Home Secretary from 2001 to 2004.

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Julian Richards

Julian Richards is managing editor of openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Beyond ambivalence: a vision of Europe

The British Prime Minister has vowed to negotiate a ‘new settlement’ on Britain and the EU.  In a debate on Europe with Sir Menzies Campbell, Nigel Farage and Peter Oborne, organised by the Cantor Index in the City of London on January 9, David Blunkett, Labour MP and former British Home Secretary (2001 – 2004) outlined his vision.

Politics as theory and politics as practice

In 1962, the late Professor Sir Bernard Crick published his seminal work In Defence of Politics. Fifty years on, formal political processes have never been in greater need of defending. In this article, former Home Secretary David Blunkett MP argues that in order to defend politics we need to change the way in which we ‘do’ our politics.

Managing Britain's People Flow

The People Flow discussion on openDemocracy has charted the question of how Europe should address the mass movement of migrants over the next fifty years. This issue has multiple national dimensions too. Here, leading participants in Britain’s migration policy debate how one nation-state is coping with the challenge of finding definition and cohesion in a world of flux.

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