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About David Hills

David Hills is an IT manager working in the education sector in South Wales. He has a background in the NHS, working in clinical audit and medical research. David is a member of Stop the Saatchi Bill, a group of medical and legal professionals, broadcasters and bloggers, who are opposed to the Medical Innovation Bill. He also blogs at The Wandering Teacake, and tweets via @WanderinTeacake.

Articles by David Hills

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A dangerous game – the Saatchi bill returns

In its support for the Saatchi bill, opposed by the majority of the medical establishment, the Department of Health is playing with patient safety.

Saatchi's new BOGOF offer to Britain

What could be better than a dangerous Saatchi bill that nobody wants?

Two bills.

Saatchi’s bill could harm thousands

Killing the Saatchi bill was one of the few good things the Lib Dems achieved. Now, with no coalition restraints, Saatchi is again trying to force his bill through parliament.

A ballot spoiled

Is there still a party out there that cares about people? If there were, here's what they would do.

The PR campaign behind the Saatchi Bill needs exposing

How Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill team undermined the government consultation into their own bill, and how the government let them get away with it.

The Saatchi Bill is internally inconsistent and must be scrutinised in the Commons

The Bill claims to both protect patients and also prevent doctors fearing litigation - clearly, it cannot achieve both. One must come at the expense of the other, and it's patients who are going to lose out.

Lord Saatchi and the medical anecdote PR machine

The public have been misled over the Saatchi bill - it will not help cure cancer, it will actually hinder our ability to develop effective new treatments.

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