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About David Lloyd

David Lloyd was Editor of the Money Programme, Newsnight and Breakfast Time, at the BBC. He joined Channel 4 in 1986, becoming Head of News, Business and Current Affairs in 1997. He was responsible for the "Politics isn’t Working" coverage of the 2002 General Election.

Articles by David Lloyd

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The history of channel 4: separate tables

Part of a series of irreverent sketches by David Lloyd, on his personal experience of Channel 4's early years. 

New Zealand television picks up the pieces

After the single-channel conformism of the 1970s and the free market typhoon of the 1980s, New Zealand is trying to establish a public service culture in a commercial broadcasting environment. The head of news at Channel 4 went there to learn, advise – and report.
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