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About David Rhys Jones

David Rhys Jones is a policy advisor at the Helen Bamber Foundation. David has worked with refugees and asylum seekers for over 25 years. He has monitored the detention of torture survivors in the UK since the Detention Centre Rules were introduced in 2001. The Helen Bamber Foundation was founded in 2005 as a collective of human rights specialists who respond with compassion and creativity to the legacy of cruelty.

Articles by David Rhys Jones

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

When you've been tortured does it matter who your torturer was?

The UK immigration authorities are not permitted to detain victims of torture. But what is torture? A human rights worker reflects on a recent high court judgement.

What stops the UK protecting victims of trafficking?

How we’ve managed to make protecting trafficking victims so complicated.

Is she a victim or an illegal immigrant? The UK Border Agency decides

Officials who identify victims of trafficking are being judged by how many people they eject from Britain. Is that wise?

Inspectors condemn UK’s detention of torture survivors and victims of trafficking

The UK immigration authorities routinely detain people who should not be detained, and ignore or dismiss medical evidence of torture. A joint report today from the Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency and HM Prisons Inspectorate urges the agency to stop breaking the law.

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