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About David W. Montgomery

David W. Montgomery is Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh; Director of Program Development for CEDAR—Communities Engaging with Difference and Religion; and a member of the Executive Board of the Central Eurasian Studies Society.

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En Liang Khong

En Liang Khong is openDemocracy’s assistant editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The ‘Muslim radicalisation of Central Asia’ is a dangerous myth

RIA:R Mangarasyan Tajikistan 96.jpg Security think-tanks and expert communities in the Western world are perpetuating the dangerous myth that Muslim radicalisation is rife in Central Asia.

Tajikistan: Free Alexander Sodiqov!

On 16 June, Alexander Sodiqov, a political science PhD student at the University of Toronto, was arrested in Tajikistan while conducting research on conflict resolution.


Avoiding responsibility in the Boston marathon bombing

Placing them within a pre-existing history of resistance simplifies our perception of who they “really” are

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