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About David Wrigley

Dr David Wrigley (@davidgwrigley) is a GP in Carnforth, Lancashire and campaigner on the NHS. He co-wrote the recent book 'NHS for Sale' and contributed to ‘NHS SOS’ – all profits of which go to Keep Our NHS Public.

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

GP practices face funding threat as online service ‘targets’ young people

Doctors and NHS staff raise the alarm as the GP at Hand model threatens the very survival of NHS general practice.

Second-guessing your GP’s referral - NHS denials leave big questions unanswered

Despite attempts by government to squash the ‘NHS referral scheme’ story, senior doctors have serious concerns about the damage the proposed scheme will do to the NHS, people’s health and to the doctor/patient relationship.

Should I be 'ashamed' to be a GP? An open letter to Steve Field

The government's chief inspector of GPs told the Daily Mail this week that GPs have 'failed as a profession'. But who is helped by his morale-crushing and unjustified comments?

The Sun's shameful attempts to blame hospital staff for government failures

Disgraceful attempts by The Sun to blame, 'name and shame' NHS staff for failings are designed to obscure the ideological idiocy being imposed from Westminster.

Panorama and the NHS - the perfect missed opportunity

Last night's Panorama looked at the "Perfect Storm" now encircling the NHS - but failed to accurately diagnose either the problem or the solution. 

And on the seventh day, Cameron created a 7-day NHS

David Cameron's proposals for a seven day NHS could have unintended consequences.

Is 'DevoManc' the beginning of the end of the NATIONAL Health Service?

Along with new plans from NHS boss Simon Stevens, campaigners discern a worrying trend towards a hotchpotch NHS.

GPs aren't private companies - but the private takeover is nearing

All GP practices will have to open to private sector competition, NHS England has announced. Is this why 85% of GPs think the NHS will be fully privatised in 10 years?

Jeremy Hunt’s rose-tinted spectacles

Jeremy Hunt has declared himself the most pro-GP Health Secretary in 50 years. A bemusing claim.

Doctors have the opportunity to act now - they must take it

Through the Royal Colleges doctors have the means to stop the disastrous privatisation regulations about to go through parliament if they utilise the tools at their disposal. We are not powerless. Here is one clear and simple thing we can do.

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