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About Deborah Harrington

Deborah Harrington is a health campaigner and writer. She's getting old and fed up. But she sees that the NHS is worth a lot of money to global corporations - and worth more than its weight in gold to us. So it's worth fighting for.

Articles by Deborah Harrington

This week’s front page editor

Adam Ramsay, Editor

Adam Ramsay is a co-editor of openDemocracyUK.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Hunt and Stevens - leaving their dirty footprints all over the NHS

Sustainability and Transformation Plans - the biggest attack on the NHS you've never heard of. 

Going, going, gone - the great hospital sell-off?

Many of our precious hospitals are being prepared for handover to private developers - and from PropCo to the Infrastructure Bill, the government is stripping away barriers to this firesale.

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