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About Desmond Cohen

Desmond Cohen was previously an Economic Advisor to HM Treasury, and subsequently Reader in economics and Dean of the School of Social Sciences at University of Sussex. Many Visiting Professorships in Economics at overseas universities including Berkeley, ANU  and Vassar. His most recent posts include Director of the HIV/AIDS and Development Pgm of UNDP, and advisor to the Drug Policy Reform Programme of the Soros Foundation.

Articles by Desmond Cohen

This week’s front page editor

Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Who owns Britain?

Most countries have polices that restrict foreign ownership. But in Britain, governments have actively encouraged it — and the costs are now becoming clear. 

Not in it together: the distributional impact of austerity

New data reveals how the tax and benefit changes made since 2010 have disproportionately fallen on the poorest, ethnic minorities, women, children and the disabled. 

Brexit is an economic catastrophe - the sooner it is dumped the better

Why would any rational Government, Tory or Labour, pursue Brexit at such immense financial and non-financial cost?

The delusion of economic sovereignty

In an integrated world it is a chimera to believe that one can establish some long-lost economic sovereignty. 

Austerity in one country: The case of Britain

A decade of failed economic and social policies has left the UK economy in a perilous state. 

We may have another election but our unfair voting system still ignores most Britons

An analysis of how many people it takes to elect an MP shows most Britons are still being ignored during elections

The Glorious Referendum on the EU – Why it doesn’t represent the will of the people

With millions from Remain voting demographics excluded from the vote, and the result narrow, there's no reason for the government to see the Brexit result as final.

From Concorde to Hinkley: The EU and Britain's trade and investment policy

It’s déjà vu all over again. This malapropism is usually attributed to Yogi Berra, a famous baseball player in the early 1960s. It also seems to be appropriate now when thinking about internati...

Brexit was a crisis long in the making

The Brexit vote was the reaping of years of deepening inequality, sown by the neoliberal policy programmes of successive governments.

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