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About Dimitris Christopoulos

Dimitris Christopoulos is president of the International Federation for Human Rights. University professor and activist, he works particularly on issues related to migration, citizenship and other human rights issues. Find him on @dichristopoulos.

Articles by Dimitris Christopoulos

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Macedonian question and Greece’s national solitude

Ever since the creation of Yugoslav Macedonia in 1944, Greece has been burying its head in the sand. It wouldn’t see, because it could not stand to face it.

Τhe Golden Dawn trial: a major event for democracy in Greece and beyond

It's time to show that democracy does indeed protect itself from the enemies within.

If there is hope in Colombia, then there can be hope everywhere

There's an opening for progress in Bogotá, but it could close soon.

'Exiles in the Aegean': a year after the EU–Turkey deal

The EU-Turkey deal turns one year old on 18 March. Has it achieved its intended purpose? 

Human rights in a state of perpetual emergency

How long will it take for the European 'crisis' to be re-framed as the new norm, and what are the potential consequences of that shift?

Greece still has political life beyond austerity. But what kind of life is it?

As the Greek government cosies up to the church and right-wing forces become more extreme, human rights and national stability are coming under increasing threat.

Refugees are the bogeyman: the real threat is the far right

The EU-Turkey deal was more an attack on the rising far right than on refugee flows across the Aegean Sea. Yet, it hasn’t worked. 

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