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Dlawer Ala’Aldeen is a former Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in KRG, and the founding President of MERI, a newly established think tank in Erbil, Kurdistan Region.  He is author of a book on ‘Nation-building and the system of governance in Kurdistan Region’ (published 2013) and a book on ‘Lobbying for a Stateless Nation’ (published in 2007).

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Darian Meacham, Europe the Very Idea team Francesco Tava, Europe the Very Idea team Darian Meacham and Francesco Tava introduce this week's theme: Old ideas for a new Europe.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The emerging Middle East order: who can shape it and how?

For the first time for decades, all sides to the conflict agree that terrorism has grown out of all proportions and poses a major threat to all. The current aerial bombardment by the US and its allies has won the explicit or implicit support of almost all stakeholders. 

Revise Iraq to save it

The new PM, known hardliner against Sunnis and Kurds, has been a staunch supporter of Maliki policies. Iraq’s jigsaw puzzle, forced together by the power of empires and ruthless dictators, cannot be governed from a central location without widening its rifts irreversibly.

Where there is no will there is no way: will Syria be the next Halabja?

The final balance of the war has not yet tipped against the regime and, if and when it does, no ‘red-line’ will stop Assad from using chemical weapons on a scale that would make Halabja look like a small incident. Will Obama prevent another tragedy? 

Realpolitik and disastrous consequences: 10 years on from Iraq, 25 from Iraq's genocide against the Kurds

From a potentially subjective point of view, a Kurd could argue that the long hardship and series of disasters inflicted upon the people of Iraq are direct consequences of the complacency and indifference embedded in the foreign policy of the superpowers.

The Kurds and the ISG: losing friends, losing the war

The implementation of the Baker report would be a betrayal of Iraq's Kurds and a defeat for the United States itself, says Dlawer Ala'Aldeen.

Kurdistan beyond Iraq

The political pressures in Iraq are pushing the Kurds towards independence, says Dlawer Ala'Aldeen.
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