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About Dominic Hilton

Dominic Hilton was a commissioning editor, columnist and diarist for openDemocracy from 2001-05.

Articles by Dominic Hilton

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Battle of Auchterarder

From teashops to the tourist information centre, Dominic Hilton scopes out the site of the G8 summit.

Undemocratic reform

What lies beneath the campaign for reform of Britain’s first-past-the-post electoral system? Dominic Hilton investigates.

Britain's tactical voting revolution

A mad electoral system rewards Tony Blair, but British citizens are making it work for themselves, finds Dominic Hilton.

The war for Muslim minds - in east London

In a tumultuous corner of a tired, formulaic British election, Dominic Hilton is exhilarated, alarmed and amused by the electrifying passion of that rare thing: real politics.

Is Britain a banana republic?

As Tony Blair launches Britain’s general election campaign, a postal-voting scandal is further undermining voters’ trust in their political leaders.

Why can't politicians tell the truth! ever?

Britain’s election: a crisis in the opposition Conservative party exposes the country’s malaise of political distrust, says Dominic Hilton.

If it's politics, it's just not cricket!

As Britain’s general election approaches, an anti-terrorism law reveals to Dominic Hilton why British politics is beyond a joke.

Trust me, I'm a politician

Britain's election: what’s causing voter apathy? Dominic Hilton visits Birmingham, England’s second city, where a vote-rigging scandal and Conservative leader Michael Howard offer some answers.

Dominic Hilton's 2005 election forays into the heart of the British political system begin with “His Majesty King Blair 1”

His Majesty King Blair I

Tony Blair, the most self-consciously modern of political leaders, rules over a political system far less at ease with the world. Dominic Hilton examines a very British paradox.

Beyond the barbarians at the gate: Timothy Garton Ash interviewed

The “free world” of the United States-plus-Europe no longer exists. Can it be reinvented as a world of freedom? The leading liberal internationalist Timothy Garton Ash talks to Dominic Hilton of openDemocracy.

Fashionable anti-Americanism

The United States is burdened with the pains, frustrations, and hatreds of the rest of the world. Ignorant and unfair, says Dominic Hilton, in a scathing and witty critique of a disabling obsession.

Letters to Americans: the hidden treasure of the US vs the World

Dominic Hilton was part of the team working on openDemocracy’s “My America: Letters To Americans” project, in which eighteen non-American nationals wrote to counterparts in the United States. Here he gives his view on aspects of those exchanges and America’s role in role in world affairs.

A cowardly new world

Democracy threatens not just autocrats but the jobs, egos, and expense accounts of its privileged critics. Dominic Hilton dissects a modern fear.

All governments great and small

London, 30 November 2004: speech to the Diogenes Club.

Are voters idiots?

The people are right – even when they’re wrong. That’s democracy. Why don’t leftists get it?

The new presidency

Bush is one of us, and we love him for it. Kerry? Don’t even ask. Dominic Hilton reads the runes.

A funny thing happened on the way to the forums

The Bush vs Kerry election inquest has been at its liveliest in openDemocracy’s forums. Dominic Hilton presents the highlights.

All hail Bush!

The people have spoken. Bush has triumphed. All is well with the world. Dominic Hilton raises the champagne.

Today Boston, tomorrow all over

After the Boston Red Sox win baseball’s World Series, every dream can come true, says an over-the-full-moon Dominic Hilton.

The curse of the Bushbino

Dominic Hilton, ecstatic Boston Red Sox fan, asks: could their historic baseball victory over the New York Yankees be a good omen for John Kerry?

Is politics boring, Mr Prime Minister?

Dominic Hilton sinks his teeth into British politics – and recommends a career move for Tony Blair.

The truth about Bush

A flight to Washington, a limo to the White House, a stroll to the West Wing…and an exclusive report from inside the President’s brain.

My unselfish public service

In this election year, just one political candidate offers wealth, sophistication, charm, wit, enormous sex appeal. Vote for Dominic Hilton!

Slackers of the world, unite!

France’s latest publishing sensation – a hymn to laziness – makes Dominic Hilton realise that the real transatlantic divide goes far deeper than politics.

John Kerry: macho jock

Who is the real man in the US presidential election race? Dominic Hilton brings a unique style of punditry to test the candidates’ political testosterone.

Oil price blues

The chief outlaw is back in town - lean, hungry, dangerous…English. Dominic Hilton, roused to rage by the New York Times, takes on the world.

Flyboys and pigeons

As Bush falls off his bike, Kerry looks to the future, Gore gets mad, Putin goes Soviet and Gaddafi gets hot under the winged collar. Nuclear materials fly around the world, but pigeons are no longer deadly.

Is politics dead?

Politics was Dominic Hilton’s drug of choice. Then he found himself sharing his name with a soft-porn video star. It’s all downhill from there.

Universal plagues

The universe is older than we thought, Canada is getting taller, America is plagued by insects, and Bush thinks everything is dandy. Another week, another pending dollar crisis.

Is the 'New York Times' drunk?

The Brazilian president and the New York Times are caught in a drunken stand-off. Cuban prisoners are charged with “dangerousness”. America’s missile shield doesn’t work. The best stories, the choicest quotes.

Hearts and Minds

How do you win the public over? Shake some hands, charm the voters, throw a party – and if all else fails, find yourself a PR guru.

Is Bush winning the war on terror?

Terror's down, oil's up and the 'Dear Leader' has gone missing - does it get any better than this?

North Korea: an obsession

Even the death toll from train crashes is a mystery in North Korea. Dominic Hilton peers behind the curtain of the Hermit Kingdom in search of enlightenment.

Daddy, what is politics?

“Politics is about who gets shafted, when, where, how and why are you asking me anyway?” Between a Washington cynic and a Delhi tycoon, Dominic Hilton sniffs the world’s wind.
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