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About Dorismilda Flores-Márquez

Dorismilda Flores-Márquez is associate professor at the Universidad De La Salle Bajío (México) and co-coordinator of the research group on internet, information society and technologies, in the Mexican Association of Communication Researchers. She holds a PhD in Social Sciences (ITESO, Guadalajara, 2016).

Dorismilda Flores-Márquez es profesora-investigadora en la Universidad De La Salle Bajío (México) y co-coordinadora del grupo de investigación sobre tecnologías, internet y sociedad de la información, en la Asociación Mexicana de Investigadores de la Comunicación. Es doctora en Estudios Científico-Sociales por el ITESO (Guadalajara, 2016).

Articles by Dorismilda Flores-Márquez

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We cannot imagine contemporary social movements, or even the world, without internet. But this world is changing all the time and we have much more to learn. Español

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