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About Dougald Hine

Dougald Hine is co-founder of the Dark Mountain Project. Originally from England, he is now based in Sweden. His website is

Articles by Dougald Hine

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A crack in history? – a conversation between two recent UK Labour party recruits

We need to find a way to build political movements that make space for difficult questions, for diversity, for ambivalence. But how?

Nonline community: freedom, education, the net

Both governments and zealous cyber-enthusiasts champion the internet's educational and political potential. The danger that results is a policy of techno-compulsion that undermines citizens' autonomy. There is a better way, says Dougald Hine.

Climate change: a question of democracy

Global warming requires more than finding the right levers of policy change: it is a challenge to democratic imagination, says Dougald Hine.

China's days of protest

Beneath China’s booming economy lies immense social inequality and seething worker discontent. A western observer witnesses a minor but now unexceptional popular convulsion.
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