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About Dudu Dlamini

Dudu Dlamini and Sally-Jean Shackleton both work for Sisonke and SWEAT, an organisation that has defended the rights of sex workers and ensured their access to healthcare for the past 20 years.

SWEAT stands for the Sex Workers Education & Advocacy Task force, which is a registered national non-profit organisation concerned with the health and rights of sex workers. SWEAT raises funding from various sources: the majority of our funding is sourced at the local level:  Provincial Departments of Health and the Lotteries, and internationally, we are a Sub-Recipient of the Global Fund to Fight TB HIV and Malaria, the Open Society Foundations, Aids Fonds, UNFPA and UNAIDS.

Sisonke is a movement of Sex Workers and is based within SWEAT. it is funded by the Open Society Foundation, Aids Fonds and the Red Umbrella Fund.

Articles by Dudu Dlamini

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