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About Eóin Murray

Eóin Murray is a writer and aid worker who for two years represented the leading Irish development NGO, Trócaire, in Gaza. He has lived in Ireland and Gaza, and is now based in Canada. He is on twitter @eoinmurray

Articles by Eóin Murray

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

An open letter to my friends in Gaza

A former aid worker who worked in Gaza for two years in the mid-2000s writes to his friends there.

Israel and Gaza: the way ahead

The latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be traced to decisions made since 2004. Its solution lies in a recognition of strategic reality, says Eóin Murray.

Ireland’s new shade of green

The re-election of Bertie Ahern’s Fianna Fáil party as the dominant partner in a coalition reflects shifts as well as continuities in Irish politics, says Eóin Murray.


Alan Johnston: a reporter in Gaza

The kidnapping of the BBC journalist Alan Johnston on 12 March 2007 is closely tied to the security situation in the Palestinian territory, says his friend Eóin Murray.

Today, Monday 23 April 2007, marks the sixth week of captivity for BBC journalist Alan Johnston. Over the course of those six weeks some extraordinary events have taken place. In particular, as one BBC colleague of his remarked, Alan has become part of the news instead of reporting it.

After Hamas: a time for politics

The electoral earthquake in Palestine has produced a new political landscape which Palestinians, Israelis and the international community all now have to face, says Eóin Murray.

On Friday night, 27 January, the taxi I was travelling in through Gaza city turned a corner and drove directly into the head of a march by supporters of the Fatah movement headed by Mahmoud Abbas. They were walking towards the offices of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), supposedly to protest against the Fatah leadership.

Palestinians' time of choice

The pressures of occupation and poverty are undiminished, but the Palestine election is an opportunity for activists to promote a vision of change, finds Eóin Murray.

Welcome to Costa-del-Gaza

What will Gaza become after Israeli occupation? Eóin Murray reports on embattled Jewish settlers and Palestinian fears.

'Tear down that wall!' The world court and Israel

The International Court of Justice ruling that Ariel Sharon’s barrier across the West Bank breaches international law is both alarm-call and opportunity to the world community, says Eóin Murray in Gaza.

Night falls in Gaza

The assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin has caused convulsive outrage among Gaza’s Palestinian people. From its epicentre, a young Irish human rights activist balances vivid reportage and cool reflection.
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