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About Ed Straw

Ed Straw is the author of Stand & Deliver: A Design For Successful Government, he was born in 1949 and educated at Manchester University, Manchester Business School, Harvard Business School and Oxford University. He has seen government from every angle: as a citizen and consumer, adviser to several government ministers, chair of Demos and Relate, and a specialist on government task forces. He was a consultant on Thatcher’s public sector reforms and then New Labour’s, a policy moderniser during Neil Kinnock’s leadership of the Labour Party, and he designed the organisational blueprint for the party under John Smith and Tony Blair.

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

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Why didn't Labour win?

Bad governance has resulted in a steady diminution of voter credit, which has progressively accumulated into a loss of confidence that the party can govern.

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A bi-partisan approach to reform is currently adopted, but can it work?

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